Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Walking in Circles

Being in Europe is an experience unlike any other. It just amazes me that we can hop into our rental car...drive for about 2 hours and be in a completely different country. It's just incredible. Our mission this morning is the Hofbräuhaus. Going to Munich, Germany is my husband's one and only wish on our trip. I must say, I definitely do not abject.
Do you see a seahorse?

On our drive into Munich, we see beautiful landscapes and interesting bridges. The skies on the other hand, didn't quite know what to do. It rained on and off, but it was lovely nonetheless. As we arrived, the skies completely cleared and we had nothing, but sunshine. Now to find parking...

Most of Europe is completely automated, which is super cool. Needless to say, it can be a little difficult for tourists. There are no toll booths or attendants like in the States. It can be a little challenging when our German is a little rusty (okay, almost nonexistent).
We finally find parking, now to make our way downtown. Munich is just wonderful. It's a melting pot of all cultures, subcultures, and diversity. A mixture of historical and modern architecture. Walking towards the square we were greeted by the Isartor City Gates. It's an impressive building and one of the oldest gate remaining today.
So, about 2 hours of walking in circles around the square... We saw tons of street performers, architecture, lederhosen and no Hofbräuhaus. Now, I'm hungry and becoming cranky. My poor husband has to hear me (bitch) complain about being hungry. Yay! We finally find the Hofbräuhaus! Beer and sausage here we come.
We are finally here and of course, the batteries on my camera runs out of juice. Oh wait, I forgot to bring a spare. Awesome, but that's ok. I can't wait to eat.

Gas for our rental car... $123.13 Us Dollars
Trying to find a parking... Insane
Parking... $34.35 Us Dollars
Finally finding the Hofbräuhaus... Yummy
Last picture before my camera died.

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