Saturday, February 5, 2011

Part 2: Ice Wine and Lost in Canada

Okay, enough with the gibber-gabber. Let's talk ice wine. We decided to take the Ice Wine Tasting tour. The tour though the winery was actually quite lovely. We enjoyed stories about picking the fruit in the dead cold of winter at dawn and the process of pressing every single drop of juice from each frozen grape.

The process is so interesting. The sugars of the grapes does not freeze, but the water does. This allows a more concentrated juice which gives you a surprisingly very sweet wine, almost a dessert in itself. The highlight of the tour of course, was tasting ice wine. We got to taste tree different types from sweet to sweetest. My favorite is the Vidal Icewine BF. Everything else was too sweet for me. My husband in the other hand, loved all three. The Vidal Icewine BF had a wonderful honey apricot flavor.

Guess what? We got lost on our way back to our hotel. Yup, I mean super lost. Ugh... Nope, he (my wonderful husband) wouldn't ask for directions. We continued to head into the woods. It was dark and cold. The only good thing was, it stopped snowing. Did you ever get so lost that everything starts to look like a B-flick horror movie? It's the worst.

Apparently, light posts doesn't exist here. The street signs are nonexistent and covered by trees that looked like they were from the Paleozoic era. All kinds of bendy and crooked into the road. At any moment, we excepted a yeti to appear out of the woods and in front of our car. Kind of like that creepy scene from "Signs" when the UFO appears out of nowhere at the kid's birthday party. Creepy, right?

This is us in the blizzard right before we got lost. Oh... and before night fall and dirt roads. Yeah, we were soooooooooooo lost.

Also, wanted to wish everyone a happy Saturday and enjoy Super Bowl Sunday.

Go Steelers!


  1. Boooooooo for Steelers. You're outta your mind Shay!

  2. LoL... Oh, Jana. By the way, the Super Bowl party was fun. Even though the Steelers lost. :)

  3. So interesting to hear about Ice wine and especially as I sit here in Cape Town amidst our third heatwave this summer. Just reading your post cooled me down, and only wish I could have a sip now


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