Thursday, April 19, 2012

{New Cookie Flavor} Lemon Lavender Oatmeal Shortbread

Even though we had a mild winter this year, I'm glad Spring has finally arrived. It has been a crazy winter for my family and myself, but I'll save that story for a rainy day. All I can say is that I'm ready to shed the gloom and start to bloom anew {Did see what I did there...? Spring... Bloom anew...}.

When I think of Spring... I think of citrus, rhubarb pie, flowers, riding motorcycles, asparagus, peas and my birthday {had to throw that in there}. With that in mind, I headed into our kitchen to recipe test and our latest cookie flavor was created; Lemon Lavender Oatmeal Shortbread.

Our Lemon Lavender Oatmeal Shortbread is a delightful twist on a classic. We lightly toast and freshly ground oats... the earthiness of the oats is further enriched with a floral bouquet of crushed lavender and sweetened with our house-made lemon sugar. You can purchase them here.

By the way... this is just one of a few new cookies coming to our Spring/Summer Seasonal Gift Box. Stay tuned for our latest cookies. Want a hint for our next flavor...?! It contains dried fruit of an herb. Have you guessed what it is?

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