Thursday, May 27, 2010

We Landed...

We landed at the Flughafen Zürich AG in Zürich, Switzerland. It's a beautiful airport. It's clean and even has a mall. A mall!?! The mall is an oasis of diverse groups and appealing amenities. You can find anything from high end shopping and gastronomy to dry cleaning. It's an international hub.

After making our way out of the airport and onto the streets of Zürich. We had to navigate our way to Liechtenstein (oh, by the way...with no navigation system, just with Google maps). Needless to say, we got lost...and I mean lost. It seemed like we drove in circles around the same church 46 different times.

Our hour and a half commute turned out to be about 3 hours. We finally arrived at our hotel in Liechtenstein. We stayed at Hotel Schlosswald. The hotel is nestled in the mountains, it's just so charming and delightful. I can't wait for breakfast.

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