Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Official... Autumn is Here!

After a summer of high humidity and extensive heat waves... Not to mention that it was in the high 80s this past week! Can you believe it? In September! So, it's been nice to finally have some relief this week.

With Autumn officially here! So is our Toasted Oatmeal Cranberry Shortbread and our Spiced Pumpkin Seed Brittle. By the way, we are working on some new seasonal flavors... So stay tuned

Monday, September 10, 2012

Where Did The Summer Go?!

It has been an extremely long week, month… Nope! Extremely long three months. Between work, family health crises, and my sister’s upcoming wedding; it’s been crazy to say the least. Don’t you wish you could either clone yourself or just completely punch out sometimes?! *sigh* I wish I could!

About 4 months ago, my sister decided to move up her wedding to September. So, you can only imagine the go, go attitude/schedule we’ve been in to get everything done. That includes… bridal shower, bachelorette and bachelor party (both my husband and I are in the wedding party), etc.

My sister and fiancé decided to rent out a beach house for their venue. Obviously the theme is beach! They want a laid-back feel to their wedding. This describes them and their ecstatic perfectly, but the laid-back vibe kept getting more and more elaborate every day.

About a month or two ago… My sister decided to pass the decorating baton to my mother. So naturally, I am automatically volunteered to help my mom. This wouldn't be a huge issue if I didn't also have to take care of the dessert table for my sister's bridal shower (by the way... found out last minute that I had to do that as well). 

Not to mention that we have to set-up tables, chairs and decorate around a HUGE pool that takes up most of the property. Our idea was to cover the pool and use the pool as a dance floor, but they don’t want to cover the pool. So, yeah… I couldn’t even begin to tell you the lack of sleep over this. Almost every idea we had was vetoed by the couple. It can be very frustrating at times, but we’ll pull it off. Hopefully!

My mom and I have been pulling out our hair to say the least. At times, it feels like we are grasping at straws to figure out a decor that will work with the theme. I think we've shopped at every store in our state and browsed every bridal website looking for wedding decorations. But I finally came up with an idea that has been accepted by the couple! We are going with a South Beach vibe (think Mondrian South Beach, but less lounge-y and not as upscale) with a tropical twist. I figured this idea would work perfectly with the pool.

On top of helping with my sister's wedding, we've been dealing with family health issues. In January, my uncle found out that he has pancreatic cancer. He is now home recovering from surgery. He is waiting to restart chemotherapy, but it seems like everything is okay on that end (pun intended).

I know this is a long post, but bare with me. I'm almost done... I'm so embarrassed that the last time I wrote a post was back in May. So much for my New Years' Resolution

So... Two weeks ago, my husband broke his fourth ("ring") toe! I'm just glad it was one clean break. No pins or surgery needed! But wait... it gets better!

My mom was feeling sick Monday and it got worse from there. She woke up on Wednesday with the right side of her face swollen and right eye swollen shut. She went to the hospital and has been there since. It turned out that she had an infection in her nasolacrimal canal and lacrimal sac. The hospital kept her for observation because they worry that if the infection spreads... there was a possibility for meningitis. It's now 5 days later... She's feeling better and itching to go home. My sister's wedding is 5 days away so, you can only imagine her anxiety. 

It has been one crazy summer!
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