Monday, November 26, 2012

{Cyber Monday} And Thanksgiving

Can you believe that Thanksgiving has already came and went?! It's going by so fast! By the way... Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Hope everyone enjoyed their time with family and friends. Rich and I shared our time with both sides of the family tree. As you can image, there was a lot of driving and eating. I'm still feeling bloated and I think I'm still in a turkey haze. I need some major detox!

Speaking of food! As I mentioned a million times before, I love autumn and I'm always inspired by it's flavors. So, I would like to share our latest seasonal cookie... Brown Sugar Pepita Sabl├ęs with Spiced Ganache.

Also... It's Cyber Monday and we are celebrating! Save 10% on all orders today only! Use coupon code: CYBERMONDAY

Coupon code also be used on our Etsy shop.

Hurry... Sale ends tonight!

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