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Sugar & Pickles - About Us!
So! Are you a little curious about me and this little blog you stumbled upon? Let's start with a little introduction...

Hi! I'm Shay; a wife living in New Jersey. I'm a messy hair advocate. A Mai Tai hunter (seriously, share if you have a good recipe). I enjoy trekking around new places. Also... I love eating cold egg rolls and coffee for breakfast.

Why did I choose the name Sugar & Pickles? Sometimes life can be sweet. Sometimes times not so much... In fact, a little sour. Plus, I like pickles!

When I first started this blog, my goal was to use it as a way to talk about and promote my new business venture (Zugar Haus). In the beginning, I rarely posted because I felt silly self-promoting and didn't really like sharing too much information. What a conundrum, right?! A private person that feels silly self-promoting starting a blog?!

As I shared, I realized that family from across the globe started reading. So, Sugar & Pickles became more of a visual journey. It became a way for family (some I haven't seen in years) to experience where I've traveled and what I've eaten. It also became a way to share recipes with each other.

My intention with this blog is to keep it fun and an authentic place for us to spend time together. I want this to be a place where we can inspire and learn from each other.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll join us on our visual journey; as we travel, cook, bake, and share stories with family across the globe.

{Fun Facts}
  • I'm usually always in my Converse All-Star! At one point I think I had one in very color, but unfortunately I had to narrow it down to 4 pairs. (small closet)
  • I married my spirit animal!
  • I heart tattoos and skinny jeans    
  • I hate okra!
  • If I could eat one thing everyday... It would be cheese!
  • If my husband could eat one thing everyday... It would be bacon, more bacon and pork belly, which is fancy bacon
  • I love plants! If I had it my way... My house would be covered in ivy and wisteria. But my husband claims, "it's gonna ruin the siding of the house... blah, blah, blah!" As a matter of fact, he jokes that I'm evolving into the neighborhood creepy plant lady. Not that I'm creepy... I just enjoy plants.
  • My favorite place to visit? Florence, Italy
  • My husband's favorite place to visit? Kaanapali Beach, Hawaii 

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