Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Floral & Spice Gift Box

Can you believe that Valentine's Day is around the corner? It seems like we just had Christmas dinner. To be honest, I still have my Christmas decorations up... Ugh, just the thought of taking it down makes my head hurt. It's not some much the taking the decorations down that bother me. It's trying to cram those heavy Rubbermaid containers back into the closet, but it has to be done.

We've been busy taste testing recipes for Valentine's Day. Our gift box this year is a collection of floral and spice infused sweet confections. In the box we have the following flavors; Rose Water Infused Pink Peppercorn Sables, Hibiscus Sables Breton and Raspberry Sables with Chocolate Drizzle. You can buy them here.

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