Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Blogiversary!

Today over coffee, I realized that exactly one year ago yesterday; I posted my first blog post. Anyone who knows me, were completely shocked that I started a blog. I must admit that it is a challenge for me. I am not one to share, I am an extremely private person. 

I was never the kid with the "secret" diary. I kept my feelings to myself and rarely shared them. I had a coloring book (Strawberry Shortcake Coloring/Activities Book) and as I got older, my coloring books evolved into sketchbooks. Drawing and painting was my escape as a child and quite frankly, that hasn't changed much. So, "writing" about my feelings and thoughts is very, very new to me.

I must admit, the idea behind this blog was to promote my business. As I started posting, I felt kind of weird about hammering on and on about my business. With each post I started sharing a little more about myself, family, travels, and recipes. So, Sugar 'n Pickles became more of a visual journey of my business ventures (mistakes included) and family. Later, I found out that my aunt in Brazil starting following my blog. Again, this little blog involved into a way to communicate with family across the globe.

Like I mentioned before, my 2011 plan is judge less and share more. I will do my best to continue on that plan.


  1. Parabéns....Um ano passa muito rápido... Os sentimentos são eternos...Amo muito você! Hoje é um dia muito especial pra todos nós...Beijos Scheilinha
    Tia Mirien

  2. Tia,
    O tempo voa por muito rápido. Às vezes, quando estamos tão longe, tudo o que tenho são lembranças maravilhosas. Eu valorizo todos e cada um até que vejamos cada vez. Sempre pensando em você.
    Para memórias mais para vir,

    Espero que o meu Português é compreensível. Te amo!


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