Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Visiting Europe | Vaduz, Liechtenstein

After spending a few days in Feldkirch, Austria; I was ready to move on and visit one of my favorite countries in Europe... Liechtenstein! Not familiar with Liechtenstein? Well, you should be! Liechtenstein is a landlocked German-speaking micro state which borders both Switzerland and Austria, From Balzers to Ruggell, this alpine country is absolutely breathtaking. I so love it here!

I think I've trekked almost ever nook and cranny of this wonderful country. I only say "almost" because every time I turn a corner, I find something new and exciting here. On this visit, I spent most of my time in Vaduz. Not only is Vaduz internationally known for their baking, mountain biking, and skiing; it's also the capital. Personally, I think Vaduz is the hub of emerging artists, modern to medieval architecture, wonderful fashion, amazing jewelry, great wine, and delicious food (especially the chocolates and cheese).

By the way, when I say mountain biking; I don't mean a steep hill in New Jersey. I mean... The Alps! Those guys are insane... Crazy endurance. Maybe one day I'll give that a try. Maybe. In the meantime, I'll enjoy their food and wine.

Are you thinking... Really?! Liechtenstein wine?! Yes, really. Great wine! The Prince of Liechtenstein himself has a wine cellar/vineyard (called Hofkellerei) that you can visit and taste. He has a private stash, but I couldn't get my grubby hands on it

If I could move here tomorrow, I would! Not sure if the husband would like that very much (wah wah). Honestly, there are just so many wonderful things to see, eat, and experience here. Let alone the amazing landmarks in Vaduz, from the beautiful Vaduz castle overlooking the city to the Kuntsmuseum Liechtenstein (museum of modern and contemporary art). I think deep down inside, I rather keep Liechtenstein as my little secret. Go ahead and be spontaneous! Jump on a plane today and head over there. I'm more than willing to be your tour guide

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